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Primary 1_All Dressed Up

All Dressed Up

What clothes do we like to wear?

We know that clothes help us in many ways. Clothes help to keep us cool and protect us from the sun. Clothes keep us warm, and on rainy wet days we can wear a raincoat and rain boots to keep us dry.


We like to wear our favourite outfits on holidays and on special occasions.

Look at how beautiful/pretty/amazing/cool we look!


Primary 1_100 Days of Primary 1

Primary 1
100 Days of Primary 1



We have been in Primary 1 for 100 days!
Let's celebrate our achievements.


Yay! We are 100 days smarter!
We have learnt and grown so much. Look at what we can do now.



We love lots of things about our school. We like to make new friends.
We like our teachers.




The Meanies Came to School!  

The "Meanies" came to our school and made a big mess!


We swept and mopped and wiped. We like a clean classroom and school.


We are "Nice-ies". We love our school and we can work together to keep our school clean.



Learning so many new things can be a challenge. Developing a growth mindset- "I can", is really important.

We know that there are many things that we can't do but we know that we can keep practicing and we say,

"I can't do it yet".



We understand that some things will take longer to learn and the importance of not giving up.


We had fun challenging ourselves with the "I can challenges".


Primary 2_Kind Friends(Good friends have values)

Primary 2
Kind Friends(Good friends have values)


We are now P.2 pupils!  Let's learn how to be good friends with one another and enjoy a wonderful school life!  Yeah!


If you are bossy or like to tease others or interrupt others in conversations, you are definitely not a good friend to your classmates.    We should all say 'no' to these behaviour.
No!   No!   No!


After the lessons, we all become good friends with one another.  Do you know how to do that?  It's easy, we have to remember five words, 'FORGIVE', 'TRUST', 'CARING', 'HELPFUL' and 'POLITE'.   So, we have to believe in our classmates.  We have to talk to our classmates nicely.   We take care of others or help them if they have problems too!



In the last lesson, we showed our determination to become good friends with one another at school.  Yup! We can do it!


Tell a Tale (Create/recreate a story)

We love reading storybooks.  We have made our own pizza party!  Look! This is the pizza we made in the lesson.  We even want to add more ingredients, like ice-cream….Hahaha!!!



It's time to take the first step and try to create a story ourselves.  Let's work on the beginning, middle and the end of writing a story.  Are you ready?



Primary 3_Growth Mindset

Primary 3
Growth Mindset


In Primary 3 we start each day with a song that tells us the importance of a positive mindset.



We work together and help each other learn. We understand that making mistakes is okay and that making mistakes is part of the learning process.


We are happy to challenge ourselves. Using digital applications is a fun and interactive way to participate in our classes.


Money Matters


When we work together we are more confident about joining in speaking activities.


We role played some jobs and earned a “salary”. This supported our understanding of where money comes from.


We understand the difference between needs and wants. This helps us to make better choices about spending money.


We planned and wrote a shopping list for some delicious food for the weekend.

Then we went grocery shopping online. We really did a grand job of staying within our budgets and only shopping for the things on our lists.


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