NET Scheme

NET Scheme

 Learning English in the NET scheme program at Hennessy Road Government School (CWB) is purposeful and fun.

 The LETs and NET work together to provide an environment that is engaging and supports building the confidence of our students to take risks to communicate in English.

 The teachers implement a school-based English Language curriculum that embraces DTS (Development of Text Sets), which opens the door for rich multimodal resources that students enjoy out of school into the classroom.

 The themes and concepts of the DTS units are derived from the Primary Longman Elect text book topics and draws learning targets and objectives from the English Language Education Key Learning Area Curriculum Guide's strands of experience, knowledge, attitude and values and language skills.

DTS Unit Examples:    

Primary 1

First 100 Days of Primary 1      

(Be a better me)

All Dressed Up

(Clothes help people in many ways)

Primary 2

Kind Friends 

(Good friends have values)  

Tell a Tale  

(Create/recreate a story)

Primary 3

An Attitude of Gratitude

(Expressing gratitude)

Student Work           

Learn more about our DTS Unit: 


NET Scheme (Primary 4-6)

For Key Stage 2 learners (Primary 4 to 6), teachers aim to enhance students’ oracy and literacy skills through interactive games and speaking activities.  Through exploring multimodal texts, such as storybooks, posters, advertisments and so on, students could experience the authentic use of language.  What’s more, reading across the curriculum is implemented this year.  It aims to help students make connections between the reading texts across various KLAs and their life experiences, prior knowledge and global affairs. 

Students work in groups to design their own menu after learning about the format of menu.

Authentic examples are used to learn about different genre of TV programmes.

Well-known celebritieis are introduced in order to widen students’ horizon and encourage students to learn from these amzing people around the world.

Apart from informative text, narrative texts are also used to enhance students’ content knowledge from other KLAs.

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